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Thursday, July 14, 2011



It's been quite awhile since my last Embroider-cizing post, and this makes me very sad. I caught my cat attempting to swallow a big ball of thread just in the nick of time do you know how dangerous thread is to cats?! and then my interests suddenly waned to other crafting endeavors, as they tend to do.

To give you all a little thread-candy to stare at while I get my act together, here's a round-up of some pieces I am diggin' on Flickr:

Reminds me of vintage crewel work!  What pretty little flowers.

I love all the variations of blue to make the birdie's details!

This is probably one of the cutest patterns I have ever seen.  Ever!

Such pretty colors on this one!  Very vintage-esque, which we know I love.

G--or-ge-ou-ssss red work with applique!  Visit!

Sew adorable!  See what I did there?!  SEW adorable?

Yes, sperm.  Gross to some of you readers?  Maybe.  Hilarious and magical to me?  Definitely.

To leave you on a pretty note instead of a... bodily fluid note, this lovely piece.  Great use of the metallic thread!  Usually I'm not too keen on it but it's a great accent here.

Mission accomplished!  I am totally re-inspired to start stitching!!!


Liefgeval said...

I love the birdy!
Thank you by the way for having my button here :)! Pleasant surprise!

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