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Friday, July 22, 2011

Finally Friday!

This week has gone by so fast! I am NOT complaining. My birthday was unexpectedly amazing and tomorrow night I'll be hitting the Haight Street bars for a little post-birthday celebration.

Here's a little peek at how I spent day #1 of my 26th year.

My former boyfriend Spencer swooped me up from the office and we headed to North Beach for a drink and some amazing Istrian Italian food. Istria is the little nub that sticks out between Italy and Greece!

The food was devoured too fast to take pictures, but here's Spence-

And here's the AMAZING dessert they brought me. It's called panna cotta which means cooked cream in Italian. It tasted like a cross between creme brûlée and vanilla ice cream, but swimming in raspberry sauce! I died.

After dinner we drove through Russian Hill and were treated to some amazing views.

At the top of the Telegraph Hill we stopped by Coit Tower to commune with the tourists. Coit Tower is an art deco style monument built in 1933 by Lillie Coit, a rabble rousing socialite, to commemorate the volunteer fire fighters of San Francisco. The inside of the building is covered in murals funded by the Public Works of Art Project, part of FDR's New Deal.

We didn't get to go inside, but here's some pics with Christopher Columbus in Pioneer Park!

Back at home there was cake and ice cream to be had with good friends, who also presented with me with a bottle of my good buddy, JD :)

I hope the rest of 26 is this good!


karen marie said...

OH my gosh, in addition to being your new blog follower this week, I am also a fellow San Franciscan that turned 26 this summer. How awesome is that?

Happy birthday!!!

Velvet Tangerine said...

@karen marie

Awesome!!! I like to think the weather cleared up this week just for me :) thanks for stopping by!


Sandi said...

looks like a fun birthday! love your dress!

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