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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Banjo Video 2: Sore Sore Banjo Playin Fingers

This weekend I believe I've put in a good four hours of banjo practicing.

First I learned a fancier version of the song from my first video which, by the way, is about boiling cabbage!(?)

I started learning the song Groundhog last night and here's where I've gotten with it so far.

Apparently in the olden days you first eat your groundhog then use his or her skin for a nice new banjo. The lyrics to the song include a delightful line about "grannie hopping on a cane" saying "I'm gonna eat that groundhog's brain." Charming!


Dr. MVM said...

You're so cute.

Betty Crafter said...

Ok, now I totally want to learn to play the banjo. I blame you for this.

Philly Art Girl said...

This is so impressive!! Nice work!!

Anonymous said...

Well done! So proud!

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