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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Techincal Difficulties // Drama for yo mama

Hello bloggy pals,

I apologize for the lack of a Midcentury Monday post this week.  My household had a roommate sneak away when no one was home, taking with him our internet router, among other things!

Speaking of those other things, we no longer have a couch or TV in our living room.  Neither of those will be missed much, especially since it gives us a little chance to redecorate!  Just in the nick of time we found a glorious vintage sectional from the 60's!  It's three pieces in a slightly obtuse curve and it's upholstered with a gorgeous yellow psychedelic floral print.  @#$%@%^!!!  Great price, too... and we pick it up tonight!  Can't wait to post pictures.

Tonight is the second night of Hanukkah and I'm making potato latkes for myself and my remaining roommates!  Courtesy of Manischewitz.

Anywho, whilst I am sans internet connection there might be some dead air 'round these parts.  I've got a Snapshot Salvage post scheduled and then - who knows! 

A Happy Hanukkah - or whichever holiday you celebrate - to all!


Anonymous said...

What kind of crazy person just sneaks off like that!

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