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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Midcentury Monday #23 1/2


I'd like to welcome you to Midcentury Monday #23 1/2: a cheat post.

I spent the majority of this weekend cleaning and embroidering and generally getting ready to go to home to San Diego. I haven't been home since June and I am so so excited to see my friends, my family, my dog(!), and the lovely lovely ocean. If you weren't aware, the Southern California Pacific is quite a different beast than the Northern ;) Plus! Mexican food. Nobody (except Mexicans) does Mexican food like San Diego.

Getting back on track... rather than slop together a half-assed MCMM post, I have decided to share with you my all-time favorite post of this series, Midcentury Monday #12. It was published in the middle of August! It's just so pretty to look at and the information makes driving around in old neighborhoods a bit more fun.

Without further ado!  Midcentury Monday #23 1/2:

We learn the different styles of midcentury roofs!

roof formed by two gables that dip in the middle

roof having a single slope, or several at various angles

roof which follows a convex curve about one axis and a concave curve about the other

a triangular sloping roof, usually used with clerestory windows and an attached flat roof

roof with a slope less than thirty degrees


 roof pattern composed of many acute angles

Class dismissed!

♥ factoids via the Mid-Century Modern League


Nadia said...

I totally agree with you about Bettie bangs! For the ultimate best result you have to do it yourself! Such a shame that so few hairdressers can pull it off.. They're supposed to be able to do different styles, not just the same old boring everyday fringe all the girls have!

LoriLynn said...

This was such an awesome post-I soooo want a zig zag roof!

Amber said...

So many different styles I think I'd go for the flat or the gable roofs. Being down south there are few mid-century houses but I've spotted a few and there is this one that got an amazing update but still looks so mid-century!

Also I wanted to let you know I passed on the Liebster blog award to you. Here is a link to the post where you can find out more info about this little blog award:

xo Amber P.

karen marie said...

loving your new layout! this just looks fantastic, lady. <3 hope you had a great thanksgiving.


Colleen / Inspired to Share said...

I absolutely love this series!!

Unknown said...

I would gladly live in each of these houses!

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