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Friday, April 8, 2011

We've Only Just Begun...

After weeks of prodding this new blog with strands of html coding, and months of staring blankly at my computer screen pondering how the blogs of my crafty compatriots became the buzzing hives of activity they appear to be, I am finally putting fingertips to keyboard and staking my territory in the blog-o-sphere.

You may be wondering who the woman operating this ride is.  Or, more realistically, nobody is reading this at all and the question of my identity is truly more ambiguous to myself than I care to admit!  Whichever the scenario may be, I hope this blog will evolve into something that dispels uncertainties for all parties involved as I find my footing between a job that pays the bills and my ambitions as an artist and a crafter.  

An Introduction
I'm Molly, or Molly Beth if you wanna get technical.  I am 25 years old and originally from Carlsbad, California- a somewhat conservative beach town in the northernmost part of San Diego.  I used to describe myself as a nomad (given my inability to stay in one place for an extended period of time), but for the last three years I have resided in San Francisco, California.

I have always dreamed big.  When I was a kid and feeling like I didn't fit in, I would daydream fantastic but impossible creations; an invisible tree house with a force field that kept my sister out, a bicycle that had two or three stories on top (invisible again of course) such that the rider would appear to be biking along but really they could climb up inside the house(?!) and mock passerby.  Nowadays my dreams are slightly more sophisticated, but seemingly as impossible to attain!  Either a house with fantastic 1970's detail by the beach, sunken living room and all, or a craftsman-style bungalow buried in the mountains- but both with tons of space to work from home in my fully outfitted letterpress and printmaking studio.  We're talking type cases for days!

In reality, I work full time in a downtown office processing orders, handling customer service, and doing shipping for a design software internet reseller.  People drop big bucks for this stuff!  I have a BA in Printmaking from San Francisco State University, but I also attended Brooks Institute of Photography and the University of Hawaii at Manoa.  As everyone is probably aware, art is NOT the easiest field to land a job in, especially something as *seemingly* outdated as printmaking!  With a bit of luck, however, I found a great house to live in with plenty of space to pursue my artistic interests.  With even more luck a friend of mine inherited an etching press that is now living in my garage!

Without further ado, in effort to continue my craft and be true to the letterpress tattoo on my right arm, I'm putting ink to paper and thread to needle to fill my etsy store with creations worthy of you, my dear readers.  My blog will be filled with drool-worthy Midcentury Modern finds, grandma and not-so-grandma inspired embroidery adventures, and of course all my latest additions to the etsy shop!

Last but not certainly not least, I'm sure Pauline, the princess of my house, will find her way into my posts somehow ♥


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Hurray Molly! I've RSSed this all up.

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