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Monday, April 18, 2011

Midcentury Monday #2

This week's edition of Midcentury Monday brings you some pieces I've favorited on Etsy

I'm just going to get right into it!

These gorgeous slipper chairs can be found here in Fabulous Mess. I adore the button tufting and the interesting cut-outs in the back of the chair.  For the tidy sum of $1995 these chairs would be a vision in a cool modern sitting room.

If there was any piece I would buy without hesitation (or regard to price) at this very moment, it would definitely be this headboard by George Nakashima.  Made of black walnut and laurel wood, the smooth lines of this beauty have just the right atomic appeal for my tastes.  $4500 at Fabulous Mess on Etsy.

This record storage cabinet is pure sweetness!  Found in Vintage Avocado on Etsy, it has sadly (for us at least!) already sold.  Maybe someday I'll be lucky enough to find another piece like it to fill with my Wanda Jackson albums...

Here is a very adorable boomerang style coffee table over at the BeeJayKay shop.  With it's paint palette shape it would be the perfect addition to the lounging-end of my art studio!  A steal, in my opinion, at $105.

Rounding out this week's Midcentury Monday is a fabulous starburst clock found over at Retro Classics.  I think these starburst/sunburst clocks are almost a requirement for any room dedicated to Midcentury Modern style.  This one especially appealed to me because of its slim spokes creating the starburst design, as opposed to some chunkier decorations I've seen.  $69.99 and ready for you to adopt!


Chantal said...

That record storage cabinet is awesome! Love to have that in our house!

Velvet Tangerine said...

@Chantal thank you for my first comment! I love that cabinet too... it's no wonder it was sold so quickly!

ejorpin said...

Great finds. I think I need (yes, NEED) that record storage cabinet...I wonder what shipping would be to Seoul (yikes!)?

Velvet Tangerine said...


Do you have a Craigslist in Korea?! I've seen similar pieces on there from time to time but that was here in California :/ I'm dreaming of tapered furniture legs....

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