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Monday, May 23, 2011

Midcentury Monday #6


Happy Monday everyone.  I hope none of you were raptured over the weekend!

Here are some Craigslist finds for this week's Midcentury Monday:

The first interesting piece I saw was this 1950's manicurist table.  Not only do I love the attached lamp, but I think the contrasting wood drawer is pretty nifty too.  This could be a great addition to a craft room!   $65

I'm all about unique MCM pieces.  The idea of "outside the box" furniture made during a time when everyone was striving for conformity is really appealing to me.  Tulip chair $380

I've seen these chairs over and over but have yet to have the honor of sitting in one.  This beaut is by Plycraft and the owner is asking $600.

Here's a great hutch by American of Martinsville.  Fabulous wood grain.  $700.

This snazzy lamp was created with turned teak wood.  I love the geometric lines of the base!  $300

Last but not least is this fantastic coffee table by Kipp Stewart.  The little drawers and flip top lid add exciting details to an otherwise ordinary coffee table.  $675


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