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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Retail Therapy


Yesterday I had a pretty nasty day at work, which is unfortunate considering it was my first day back after a thoroughly satisfactory 4 day trip to my hometown of San Diego.

I know we all have days when nothing seems to go right, and if you're like me, spending money on guilty little pleasures can be pretty darn satisfying.

So before I go out and blow my paycheck, how about some internet retail therapy?

This Spoonflower design would look so fabulous stretched like a canvas and hung on the wall of my art studio

Aka shoes I love to look at but will never be able to wear... Damn plantar fasciitis.

The incense smoke comes out of the roof of the house.  As a person currently obsessed with the southwest, what more could I want in an incense burner?!

Holy crap.  It's a good thing I get paid today.

Most teenagers I come in contact with these days are in need of a good lobotomy.  Check out Elizabeth's blog With Care

Gorgeous rug, merely outrageously out of my price range!

Perhaps the man of my dreams?

I'm afraid if I bought this little darling I would ruin it by hugging it to death.  Check out the adorable Little Dear blog!

Serious piece of cuteness.

Okay, if I do anymore internet window shopping I'm gonna blow my fresh new paycheck!  What are you splurging on this week?


Shelley Sarina said...

Love that Arrow Necklace. Sorry your day sucked!!! :(
Don't worry, be happy.

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