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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Technical Difficulties

Hi guys,

I'm so sad because I had some great posts in the works last night and then, of course, blogger took a crap.

I purchased the BlogPress app for my iPhone and we'll see how well it works to resurrect the posts while I'm here at work. This includes a new feature for Velvet Tangerine so I'm anxious to get the kinks worked out!

Meanwhile, I'm very much enjoying reading the blogs of all my new crafty e-friends. If you're new to VT or haven't introduced yourself previously, please comment so I can check out your blog and leave you some love!


Ps. I just sold my first etsy order to a girl in Wales! How exciting is that?! Here's a photo of the Daffodil Hill necklace right before I packaged it up:

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