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Monday, July 11, 2011

Midcentury Monday #9


Today's MCM is pretty late but I'm gonna squeak it in there!

This week on Craigslist:

Check out this bar set.  I love that the description states that it was a set originally purchased in 1960 for his parents' rumpus room!  The bar also features large liquor storage with sliding doors on the back side, has a slot for an ice bucket, and a towel holder.  What I want to know is whether those pendant lamps are for sale...  asking $950

Hello, gorgeous!  This is a beautiful drop-leaf teak writing desk designed by Arne Vodder for H. Sigh & Søns Møbelfabrik.  Pronounce that!  Those drawers SLIDE from left to right AND there's a built-in bookshelf in the back.  Drooling over here.  F'reals.  Asking $880

Now this really just isn't fair.  I don't know which is more jaw-dropping- the writing desk or this wall unit!  The description doesn't say much, other than it's Danish, it's teak, and it's $880.

Ye gods.  Talk about a beautiful place to display your midcentury world globe, right?  Walnut by Basic-Witz circa 1950's.  Another $880 drop in the bucket.

I think the purpose of today's post is really to furnish my future house.  Loving this turquoise recliner.  High Back Recliner Lounge by IB Kofod-Larsen for Christensen & Larsen, $700

Last but certainly not least, this charming Danish wall lamp.  According to the description, the combination of the Panton Verner-style shade and teak arm is classic Danish style of the 50's and 60's.  $95.  Boom!


School of Vintage said...

ahh! this is like furniture porn to us :) checkout what we found in the we think it goes along well with your post! glad we found your blog!

Velvet Tangerine said...

@School of Vintage

furniture porn is right! thanks for stopping by :)


dissonance rise said...

i want that writing desk like nobody's business.

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