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Monday, October 24, 2011

Midcentury Monday #16


I really wanted to do something different and special for this morning's MCMM.  I've covered TV lamps, Enid Collins purses, and my all-time favorite post Midcentury Roof Types, but now I'm a little stuck.  What can I bring my readers next that is uniquely midcentury?  With the exception of the Enid Collins purses I'm really trying to keep this feature away from fashion (those purses are more art than fashion, anyways!).  We all love us some furniture porn, but I almost feel like I'm cheating when every MCMM post is a smattering of 1st dibs finds.

So I ask you, my readers: what midcentury trends/themes/topics/styles/aesthetics make you drool?

In the meantime, last week Elizabeth from the blog With Care posted a 1962 home video taken in Las Vegas (post here).  My eyes glazed over watching this video.  I would suggest watching without sound...

So here's a bunch of sweet photos of Vegas during that sweet, Rat Pack lovin' era for you to feast your eyeballs on.


LoriLynn said...

Love this! Ugh I was soooo born in the wrong time period!

Rae Veda said...

Beautiful pictures. So neat. xo, rv

E.Elizabeth/ With Care Jewels and Stuff said...

OMG, Molly. I have so many ideas!

-Seaside hotels (I grew up close to Wildwood, NJ so this is a topic near and dear to my heart) as well as their banisters and railings which, I believe do have different classifications.

-Other car culture stuff like tee pee hotels, gas stations, various early fast food places, L.A. coffee houses!

-Emmin' effin' 1960s swimming pools! Kidney shaped and those fancy lala land, house in the hills types.

-China patterns and cocktail glass sets! Other housewares like ashtrays and tv sets! Crazy, rubber tree-like house plants.

-Trippy/ exotic album art like 101 Strings: Astrosounds from Beyond the Year 2000. My boyfriend and are so down with Martin Denny that we named our dog after him!

-Kids stuff, including bedsheets and cereal boxes and all that good stuff!

-Ye olde Disney!

-Any questionable recipe from The Joys of Jello. I used to have an original copy but gave it away (for some reason!)

Seriously though. So many ideas and so little time. I bow to your excellent research skills!

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