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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October in Instagrams

Hi friends!  I'm sorry I skipped Midcentury Monday yesterday for those of you who are fans.  I was busy making pina coladas (from scratch, not mix!) with my roommates and, well, something had to give :)

October was such a fun month!  The weather here in San Francisco was gorgeous, which was especially nice considering we skipped summer all together.  See: FOG.

Here's what my month looked like in Instagram snaps.

There were happy hour cocktails at 
Hobson's Choice Victorian Punch House.

A new neighbor moved in and planted 
a cactus garden in their front yard!

Pauline and I pondered the future.

I bar-b-qued with vintage Pyrex.

Got some serious Schnauzer lovin!

My nail polish collection grew and grew...

I went to the Grand National Rodeo!!!

The rodeo was at the legendary Cow Palace.

Found me a perfect baby blue grandpa cardigan.

And wrapped things up with a little Halloween debauchery.

I hope you all had a lovely October as well!  Do you Instagram?  My account name is velvettangerine, what's yours?


Melissa at said...

Love your pics! I wish I had cactus plants in the yard next to mine. :) And your Halloween costume is amazing!

I'm @bubbyandbean on Instagram. I only joined a week ago but I love it! Going to check out your pics now.


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