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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Retail Therapy - I Adorn U


This morning I am very excited to share one of my favorite Etsians with all my little tangerines.

-Meet Mary Beth Heishman, artist and creator of I Adorn U-

^ I got to meet Mary Beth in person at Renegade Craft Fair San Francisco, 2011! ^

I first stumbled across I Adorn U searching for what else - banjo related jewelry! Plus, her name is Mary Beth, my name is Molly Beth... I'm pretty sure we were internet friends made in e-heaven.

^ my very own I Adorn U creation ^

Mary Beth Heishman is an artist and master art educator in Las Vegas, Nevada.  She has been making jewelry for twenty plus years, always referring to her environment as inspiration. Mary Beth's most prized works at the moment are sterling silver hand casted pendants inspired by her Las Vegas neighborhood.
The breezeways made of decorative cinderblocks are all around and the midcentury patterns are miniaturized and form her newest pendants. A cinderblock for your Décolletage.

^ Midcentury cinderblocks?!  Could you die?  I could. ^

Heishman's other works are juxtapositions between humans, flora and various fauna. The naturalist theme reoccurs in her artworks and jewelry. Mary Beth blends the surrealism of Las Vegas with the naturalism of the desert to create a unique art form that combines the fantastic and unexpected.

You can learn more about Mary Beth and see her fine art paintings at

Personally, I love jewelry with my initials or name... who doesn't?  Tons of Mary Beth's pieces are customizable, which makes your I Adorn U accessory that much more special.  I receive compliments whenever I wear my banjo necklace, and I can't wait to get the guitar bracelet above!

I would love it if you would stop by I Adorn U and let me know what your favorite piece is in the comments!

Thanks Mary Beth!

I Adorn U product images copyright Mary Beth Heishman


Betty Crafter said...

I love! Hard to pick a fave though - I love the bunting necklace, the arrow bracelet, and the whale loop necklace. Reasonable prices too!

Sometimes Life is Bliss And Sometimes Not ! said...

nice to meet ur blog

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