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Monday, November 21, 2011

The November Mix

Where has this month gone?? I can't believe Thanksgiving is just days away. I know I don't usually get too personal here on the blog, but I like to think that maybe some of my inherent cynicism shines through here in there. Which is why I will share with you my fond nickname for Thanksgiving: American Genocide Day <3

I've been listening to this month's mix almost every day, and since I've gained a handful of new readers I though a little reminder was due.

This a great compilation of classic rockabilly, outlaw country, bluegrass, and what I’m going to call indie country.  I will be the first to admit that I've spent most of my life ABHORRING country music, but I am proud to say that this playlist gets a firm Velvet Tangerine Stamp of Approval.  Yes, I just made that up.

Check out this pretty tracklist I made!

While I would appreciate it if you followed Velvet Tangerine via Google Friend Connect (see the right sidebar), I've decided to let y'all download the mix hassle free.

If you would like to get in on the subscriber's list, all you need to do to download this FREE and AWESOME monthly music mix is be a follower through Google Friend Connect (in the sidebar!) and shoot an email over to saying that you would like to be on the list. Then each month as a new mix is released one and only ONE email will be sent to you with information on where to download it. No spam, never ever! It’s like an exclusive club of awesomeness ;)

Happy Monday!


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