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Monday, August 15, 2011

Midcentury Monday #12


Heyyy kids. Took a week off from blog land... death in my adopted family started it, general stress made me not give two cents about my google reader for 7 days.

I'd like to welcome you to Midcentury Monday #12!

We learn the different styles of midcentury roofs!

But first, a big hello to all my new followers and stalkers whomever you may be.  I'm glad you all enjoyed those crazy mugshots!  

Getting back to business, I'd like to start this off with my personal favorite- the...

roof formed by two gables that dip in the middle

roof having a single slope, or several at various angles

roof which follows a convex curve about one axis and a concave curve about the other

a triangular sloping roof, usually used with clerestory windows and an attached flat roof

roof with a slope less than thirty degrees


 roof pattern composed of many acute angles

Class dismissed!

♥ factoids via the Mid-Century Modern League


est.1839 said...

Um what the heck!?!?! I can't believe I didn't find you blog sooner!! Midcentury things are so lovely. I am no pro at knowing anything...I consider myself a Midcentury Novice, if you will. But thank you so much for posting this! I'll bring my notebook to class next time, promise!

Moe @ est. 1839

The Ponycats said...

Your finds are great, I really like your blog, its different and interesting(:

hope you have an awesome week full of rad finds and banana pie_(;

Carmila Ponycat

karen marie said...

oh wow, i'm so sorry to hear about the death in the family... hope you are ok <3

d r e w said...

ooo, love this!!! i wish the weather in the mid-west would be more favorable for roofs like this.

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