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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Snapshot Salvage


Yes, it's another new feature.  Today I would like to introduce Snapshot Salvage!  A salvage yard for my ever-expanding collection of found photographs.

Most of the photos in my collection are black and white, but I L-O-V-E when I find snapshots in glorious, faded, retro COLOR.  You can see some of my bounty in this post and this post.

My favorite place to pick up old snapshots is of course the Flea Market.  I find you get the best deals on bulk purchases because dealers are likely to want to unload!  I've also bought photos at antique stores, on ebay, and for the rare gem I'll even buy 'em off etsy.

I feel I should mention what you should expect to shell out for these puppies if you're new to the game.  Honestly, I hate paying more than a dollar a photo unless the subject matter is TOO GOOD TO PASS UP.  But even then, a whole dollar per photo can feel a bit steep considering I've picked up lots of 10 or more for the same price!

Truly, there is no accounting for taste.  I'm sure there's plenty of collectors who pick up photographs simply because they speak to them.  Others may stick to a theme.  I personally am a member of both camps.  If a photo is calling my name, that's that.  Mine.  BUT I do like to collecting photos from a few particular categories especially: 

♥ People in Swimwear ♥
♥ People and Their Pets ♥
♥ People and Their Cars ♥
♥ Military Men and Their Sweethearts ♥

Digging through musty boxes is one of my greatest joys in life.  Hunching down, blocking the path for other shoppers while you sift through piles of yellowed paper, haggling with the old men for a discount... I'm sure it's a feeling that's familiar to a lot of you readers :)

Here are the newest additions to my collection.  You can check out the entire collection in my flickr set, here.

Do you have a collection of vintage photographs?  If they're scanned and on the internet, I'd love to see them!!!


Dr. Monkey Hussein Monkerstein said...

I love vintage found photos! I've been collecting them for a few years now and I usually post them to my scan blog.

E.Elizabeth/ With Care Jewels and Stuff said...

I love these! Mostly I collect my photos online... which is cheating. But our house is so full of stuff, it's best for the conservation of space that I got straight digital on somethings.

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